About us

Nos valeurs

Nos experts savent que travailler, vivre ou créer dans un environnement sain et stimulant est devenu une priorité.

Buildings and environments

The people behind each project of the Groupe immobilier Van Houtte strongly believe that our immediate surroundings can influence our health and productivity.

Our architects’ values and the GIVH’s mission are strongly linked together. Our experts know that working, living or creating in a healthy and stimulating environment has become a priority; that is why they are committed to building projects that respect people and the environment, such as 1991 St-Martin Ouest and Le Liguori. Unique buildings, built with sustainable practices that people will be proud to work or live in.


The Groupe immobilier Van Houtte looks for innovation and goes to new heights with new ideas. The GIVH creates novelty in purchased lands, concepts, practices and perks, and enhances the human experience.


Sustainable practices

The GIVH strives for the highest certifications, such as the LEED Platinum certification, in the interest of people and their environment. Its social commitment is genuine; it presents projects that reflect its values.

Surrounded by trustworthy professionals

Having built its reputation on high standards, the GIVH expects the professionals participating in its projects to demand of their teams the same level of excellence.