Le St-Alphonse

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The centerpiece of Quartier V, Le St-Alphonse showcases the originality of the architecture of the former Neo-Gothic church built in 1929. The Groupe immobilier Van Houtte plans to preserve and fully restore its 45-meter tower, its bell tower, transepts, original stained glass windows, copper roof and forecourt.

Indoors, the volumetry will be completely reconfigured by the addition of two floors by taking full advantage of all the architectural features found in a church. The choir, rood loft, aisles and nave are to become office space. The windows will be a source of inspiration. Suspended conference rooms will be conducive to discussion. Co-working spaces will encourage innovation.

Tenants will have the privilege to work every day in a serene and inspiring setting.

At the corner of Crémazie Boulevard and Lajeunesse Street.