Quartier V

À l’étude dès 2007 et développé en collaboration avec le service d’urbanisme de la Ville de Montréal, le projet Quartier V est à la source du redéveloppement de l’ensemble religieux des pères Rédemptoristes, sur un vaste terrain de près de 13 000 m2.

Rich in history, this site conveys the local cultural heritage and contributes to the collective memory of Montreal, from the streetcars to the departure of the Redemptorist fathers, builders and partners of this heritage, together with the neighbouring community.

Many people consider this area to be one of the most attractive in the city. The Jean-Talon Market, Jarry Park, the bike path, the shops on St. Denis. The restaurants, schools, health services, parks… difficult to resist the many attractions in Villeray! It is inimitable, with its cultural diversity, dynamic shopkeepers, green spaces and the abundance of its community services. Many are those who consider it as the most welcoming neighbourhood of Montreal.

The revitalization of the site forming the Quartier V has heritage buildings at its heart: the Saint-Alphonse d’Youville Church, St. Anne’s chapel and the Redemptorist monastery, located on Crémazie Boulevard, close to Lajeunesse Street. The St. Anne parish hall has been converted to make room for social housing for the cooperative La Scala. The church, now Le St-Alphonse and Le Monastère, were transformed into office buildings while maintaining their distinctive heritage cachet. The extensive grounds behind the church now house Le Liguori, an eco-friendly building of urban condos. Le Liguori was the formidable project that launched the Quartier V.

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